Wildlife Scientific program

For ornithologists or biologists, we can adapt a special program according your needs

Sport and leisure program

For Fishermen, we advise this program for the dry season period and we'll choose the place to fish the species you want.

Local people program

For people who are interested by meeting the local people and their life, the program will content more nights in the villages. You are able to interact with the people to talk with them and discover how they live and they work:

  •  How do they replant the vegetation.
  • How do they help the reproducing of the turtles.

Esoteric or shamanism program

For people who would like to discover the shamanism, we are able to organize a special program with a good competent shaman. He could do different treatments for illness. 

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Wild survival program

We are able to organize a special trip: survival in the jungle.

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